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Best Air Tube Headsets Reviewed

Most of us regularly use cellphones as a primary means of communication. But as time passes we are finding that constant exposure to wireless signals can be quite detrimental to our overall health.

If you are concerned about EMF emissions from cellphones you might think ear buds would provide distance from your cellphone, and reduce EMF exposure. The truth is that wired earbuds carry those EMF signals right up to your ears.

Thankfully there is another option that actually does reduce EMF exposure: Buying an air tube headset.

That is why we reviewed the best air tube headsets.

Air tube head sets drastically lower EMF exposure while still producing high-quality sound. See our top picks below!

Air Tube Headset Comparison

Top Choice
DefenderShield EMF-Free Earbud Headphones - Universal Anti-Radiation Air Tube Wired Stereo Headset with Microphone & Volume Control - Works with iPhone, Galaxy, iPad & Other Audio Devices
Build Quality
Customer Rating
More Details
Smart&Safe Hollow Air Tube Hands-free Headset - Reduces 98% of Harmful Radiation Emissions Generated By Cellphones - Compatible with iPhone & Blackberry and all Cellphones with 3.5mm Jack
Build Quality
Customer Rating
More Details
Air Tube Headset - White
Air Tube Headset
Build Quality
Customer Rating
More Details
TWAYRDIO Radiation Free Bluetooth Headphone in-Ear Earbuds Air Tube Acoustic Wireless Sport Earphones Binaural Stereo with MIC for Gym Drivng Running
Build Quality
Customer Rating
More Details

Best Air Tube Headsets

1. DefenderShield EMF-Free Air Tube Headset

DefenderShield EMF-Free Air Tube Headset Review

DefenderShield Air Tube Headset

The DefenderShield air tube headset is considered among the best on the market, and there are lots of reasons why that’s the case.

It offers a complete and total protection from EMF radiation, which is something that’s really important to a lot of people considering buying air tube headsets.

The product is versatile and compatible with a whole range of hardware options, and the design of the product is strong too. The DefenderShield brand has been around for many years and they’ve developed a strong reputation in this field.

The Features

The audio control on the DefenderShield headset is very strong and intuitive to use and the overall sound quality is perhaps the strongest offered by any air tube headset on the market today. That’s what makes this headset stand out, but the overall range of features is very strong here.

It’s convenient to use, the sound is crystal clear and the EMF-protection features are all very strong.

The technology used here blocks up to 99% of EMF radiation from 0-10 GHz, which cover the frequencies used by 5G networks. That’s what most people are looking for from this kind of headset.

Advantages and Benefits

The key advantages you’ll get from choosing the DefenderShield headset include strong protection from EMF radiation as we’ve discussed. And if you’re looking for an improved level of control and audio quality from your headset, the DefenderShield will offer what you’re looking for.

It also comes with a range of accessories that make it suitable for a range of needs. It’s a reliable, strong and safe product that offers all of the things most people are looking for from an air tube headset like this.

DefenderShield EMF-Free Earbud Headphones - Universal Anti-Radiation Air Tube Wired Stereo Headset with Microphone & Volume Control - Works with iPhone, Galaxy, iPad & Other Audio Devices
182 Reviews
DefenderShield EMF-Free Earbud Headphones - Universal Anti-Radiation Air Tube Wired Stereo Headset with Microphone & Volume Control - Works with iPhone, Galaxy, iPad & Other Audio Devices
  • ✅ WORLD LEADING EMF & 5G PROTECTION TECHNOLOGY —> 100% EMF Radiation and Bluetooth Free. EMF radiation-free technology delivers crystal clear sound via hollow air tubes rather than traditional wires. Braided nylon cord is infused with copper for additional protection from Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) electrical signals. A safer swap for your wireless earbuds.
  • ✅ INCREDIBLE SOUND QUALITY—> Developed by audio engineers, advanced stereo speakers deliver higher fidelity sound. Air-filled hollow tube increases space for tone development, producing body and delivering a more vibrant audio experience.
  • ✅ OTHER FEATURES —> Built-in hands-free microphone. Highly flexible yet strong air tubes and tangle-free braided nylon cord. Removable clip to keep earbuds securely in place while playing sports, exercising or running. Small, medium and large silicone ear tips and sport tips included for a custom fit.
  • ✅ PEACE OF MIND—> Eliminate your worry about radiation from wireless or wired earbuds while talking on the phone, listening to music or podcasts, watching videos, or during workouts, running or traveling.
  • ✅ COMPATIBLE WITH —> All 3.5mm jack devices. Some devices may require an adapter such as a lightning cord or USB-C cable.

2. Smart&Safe Air Tube Hands-free Headset

Smart&Safe Air Tube Hands-free Headset Review

Smart&Safe Air Tube Headset

The Smart & Safe air tube headset has been a popular choice for people looking to buy one of these products for many years now. They do all of the basic things right and that’s why customers keep buying them and keep returning to them.

The in-ear buds are very strong and the overall aesthetic of the headset and the design are very appealing. This is the thing that makes them stand out from the crowd, and that’s something that shouldn’t be underestimated. Find out about the features and advantages of choosing this headset below.

The Features

There’s a range of good features that come with the Smart & Safe air tube headset. If you’re looking for a headset that offers a range of health benefits, the fact that this product protects you from 98% of harmful radiation emissions will help put your mind at ease.

It’s compatible with most smartphones and devices and it helps to protect you from the negative impacts of using those devices as well. It’s also very good for use with laptops and computers, not just smartphones.

These features explain much of the headset’s lasting appeal to customers.

Advantages and Benefits

There are clear safety benefits that come with choosing the Smart & Safe air tube headset and selecting it over most of the alternatives that are on the market. You can avoid exposing yourself to the health impacts of devices and the technology used by this device can definitely be relied upon.

As is the case with most air tube audio products, it’s not the most durable headset on the market, so it should be used carefully. But in terms of the performance they offer, there’s no doubting the quality that’s on offer here. It’s definitely a high-quality product with a lot to offer however.

3. Tuisy Air Tube Headset

Tuisy Air Tube Headset Review

Tuisy Air Tube Headset

The Tuisy air tube headset is one of the best products out there when it comes to air tube headsets. They don’t go overboard in terms of features and capabilities, but they’re attractive, well-designed and do the most important things well.

That’s what most people are looking for when they buy a headset of this kind. Sometimes, you just need to get down to basics and make a choice based on the factors that matter most.

The price is very fair as well, which is an important factor; they offer quality at a reasonable price.

The Features

There are a few important features offered by the Tuisy headset that are worth talking about. First of all, the headset certified radiation protection, including magnetic radiation. That’s avoided by not having any speaker in the earbuds.

The microphone and audio control features are very strong. And the carbon fiber case used to store and transport the headset is of a very high-quality and is very useful, as are the accessories that come with the headset.

You get three free replacement buds in a variety of sizes. They’re all nice bonuses to have.

Advantages and Benefits

If you’re looking for an air tube headset, this Tuisy option is definitely one that’s worth considering. It’s very affordable and when you don’t want to spend a huge amount of money on a headset, it makes sense to choose an option that’s well-priced, reliable and that offers good sound quality.

The Tuisy headset ticks all of those boxes and a few more as well. Those are among the most important benefits you can get when choosing a headset of this kind. They’re also reported to be very durable, which is always important.

4. TWAYRDIO Radiation Free Bluetooth Air Tube Headphone

TWAYRDIO Radiation Free Bluetooth Air Tube Headphone Review

TWAYRDIO Air Tube Headphone

There’s a lot to like about the TWAYRDIO air tube headphones. They have a high level of functionality and more options than you would normally get from an air tube headset of this kind in terms of the controls on offer.

You can do a wide range of things with the audio and microphone controls. And the earmold options provided by the device makes the product stand out as well. That level of design comfort is not something that most of these products offer and it definitely make this air tube headset stand out for a bunch of good reasons.

The Features

You’ll find that the audio and microphone controls that come with the TWAYRDIO air tube headphones make this product the best in its class when it comes to using the headset for phone calls.

If you’re looking for safe radiation free headphones that are appropriate in a professional setting, the features found here probably won’t be matched.

The bluetooth connectivity is very reliable and easy to set up, and the design is very good as well. Those are things that can’t be overlooked. The comfort and fit provided by the earpieces are great as well.

Advantages and Benefits

You can use the TWAYRDIO air tube headphones for long periods of time without feeling like you need to take them out. The earmold ensures that the headphones are able to fit your needs and work for you. There’s no one size fits all solution here.

And if you’re looking to use the headset for taking and making calls on a regular basis, the controls on offer will definitely be what you’re looking for in that department. That’s perhaps the thing that’s most significant and important to many people who choose to buy the TWAYRDIO air tube headphones.

TWAYRDIO Radiation Free Bluetooth Headphone in-Ear Earbuds Air Tube Acoustic Wireless Sport Earphones Binaural Stereo with MIC for Gym Drivng Running
  • RADIATION-FREE: Different from traditional earphone, use air spiral conduit to conduction music-- Deliver sound via air tubes with no radiation, perfectly prevent wave radiation from your brain. Suit for various people, like kids, pregnant woman.
  • BLUETOOTH CONNECTION---Sport Headphone?built-in Bluetooth Version 4.1 technology for seamless syncing to your favorite wireless devices. Long transmission range, maximum distance about 10 meters from mobile phone to earpiece. Support to link two phones at the same time.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL MICROPHONE: On/off the Bluetooth earphone, answer, hang up, refuse to answer, callback the call, play/stop music etc. all in one key, make you hands-free. Best choice for you while running, exercising, driving or working.
  • BUILT-IN RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: Package include a DC USB charge cable, works with any USB port. Easy to charge your Sport Bluetooth headphone. General USB connector with android mobile phone charging interface. Can work 5 hours in medium volume.
  • Crystal Clear Sound: Three size of earbuds(L/M/S), and made of advanced silicone, healthy and comfortable to wear. Crystal air tube acoustic, durable & fashion looking provide you clear and private communication experience

Here is a video measuring EMF levels of conventional vs. Air Tube Headset:

What Makes a Good Air Tube Headset?

There are some things in particular that you should be looking for and assessing when choosing a pair of air tube headsets to buy. If you can tick all the boxes we’re about to discuss below, you’ll find yourself with a headset that’s going to suit your needs and offer you everything you’re looking for from this kind of product.

Here are the things in particular that’ll have the biggest impact on what you get from your headset when you’re using it on a day to day basis. Be sure to focus on these things as you compare your options and make a final decision.

Strong Sound Quality

When all’s said and done air tube headsets are used mainly for listening to music. Yes, there are lots of things that make these headsets different to regular headphones, but they still perform the same function. And that’s why the strength of the sound quality matters a lot. A good headset will offer strong sound quality and the innate properties of air tube headsets regarding sound quality is why many people choose this type of product in the first place.


This is a really important factor to take into account. After all, air tube headsets use rubber tubes, as the name suggests. This means that if the product does not have a good overall build quality and doesn’t use strong materials, you’re going to experience problems with durability. Of course, you should handle your headset with care but you should also look at what reviews are saying about a product’s durability because it’ll make a big difference to you as the user.

Reliable Radiation Protection

Another reason why people choose air tube headsets over the alternatives is the fact that they offer radiation protection. Many people are understandably and rightly concerned about EMF radiation and it’s a problem that’s entirely circumvented by using air tube headsets. You’ll want to make sure that the headset that you choose is one that offers the level of reliable radiation protection that you’re looking for. It’s something that should definitely factor into your choice.

Easy Control Over the Microphone and Sound

When you’re using your air tube headset, you’ll want to have control over the microphone and the sound as you make use of these things. It’s vital that you’re able to control the volume, the functionality and all of the other things that the headset does. Most air tube headsets, at least the ones that are worth spending your money on, will give you control over these things in a way that’s simple and intuitive. It’s definitely something to consider.

The Headset Design

Aesthetics matter when you’re choosing an air tube headset to buy, you’re going to want a product that looks stylish and that’s aesthetically pleasing to you. There’s no denying the fact that some headsets look better than other, and you can tell that some have more product design thought put into them than others. If you’re willing to pay more, you’re probably going to get a headset that’s more visually appealing in terms of style.

The Right Cord Length

Some headsets will come in a variety of cord lengths, meaning you can choose the length that suits your needs best. It’s good to have that extra control over the product and how it works for you. Some people like having that extra cord length because it gives them more options and functionality in terms of how they use the headset. For other people, more cord makes it harder to use the headset functionally, so find the option that you feel is going to work best for you.

Size and Usability

The size of the headset will impact numerous things surrounding usability. Larger headsets tend to offer more in terms of sound quality because there’s more technology and power packed into them. But that can make other things such as convenience, storage and portability more difficult. It’s about deciding which priorities are most important to you and what matters most. It’s definitely an important factor that you’ll need to take into account.

Affordable Pricing

Finally, you need to think about the pricing. Of course, to some extent at least, you get what you pay for when you’re looking for an air tube headset. But it’s not quite as simple as that. When deciding how much money you’re willing to pay for a headset, think about the things we’ve discussed above. It offers the things you want and it seems like a product that has been reviewed well by people looking for the same things as you, it makes sense to pay more than you would for a product that falls short in certain ways.

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