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Welcome to Geo EMF, your source for information on the benefits of electromagnetic fields, as well as the potentially harmful effects of EMF pollution. We want to help you take advantage of the former, and avoid the later. Whether you are seeking to protect yourself or your loved ones from harmful EMF pollution, explore therapies involving electromagnetic fields, or just better understand EMF radiation – we’re here to help. Geo EMF offers a general information on all things EMF, and we provide a reasoned approach at EMF’s based on years of experience with radiation. We also provide detailed product reviews and comparisons, so that you can make an informed decision when you decide to make a purchase. As technology advances so do the variety of new protective devices on the market. That is why we are always updating our site, to make sure you have the latest information.

EMF Protection

If you are feeling uneasy due to the unknown effects of radiation, your concerns are very reasonable. Anyone who has spent too much time in the sun has felt the effects of an unhealthy dose of radiation. The sun is a constant source of EMF’s, but it is man made EMF’s that are more within our control.

The debate is far from settled on the potential dangers of EMF radiation. Some studies have shown solid evidence of danger, and others have shown no conclusive evidence of risk.

Being proactive is always smart, and EMF protection for yourself and your loved ones can reduce unnecessary exposure and help to avoid any potential risks, and long term effects of frequent exposure to EMF pollution.

Today’s technology causes all of us to be exposed to EMF’s nearly everywhere we go. Just to name a few, electricity in our homes, TV’s, cellular phones, tablets, computers, and wifi all emit EMF’s.

Becoming knowledgeable as to which devices are the primary offenders, and protecting yourself and your loved ones is easier than you might think. Radiation awareness is a very wise pursuit and will help you tremendously in making sound decisions in the future.

Low EMF Devices

With so many unknown and potential long-term risks linked to EMF pollution, any reduction in exposure is a smart thing to pursue. It’s worthwhile to identify some of the worst offenders of EMF pollution, and look for alternative low EMF devices that can reduce your exposure.

The reality is that we simply cannot block all EMF’s, and most of us wouldn’t want to. After all, there are benefits to using technology. But many devices produce higher intensity EMF’s than is necessary.

Manufacturers have recently began to produce low EMF devices as alternatives that keep EMF radiation levels to a minimum. Since the distance to the source of radiation is a pivotal element in calculating radiation exposure, it is smart to consider replacing EMF polluters that we frequently remain in close proximity to.

Sometimes reducing EMF exposure isn’t as easy as replacing your belongings. After all, that could get expensive very quickly. A good alternative is to purchase EMF reducers and neutralizers. These are devices that lower EMF levels emitted from a wide variety of items including appliances like microwaves and smart TV’s.

PEMF Devices

The term PEMF is used to describe a pulsed electro-magnetic field. PEMF therapy is a popular and growing approach at therapeutics that target a number of ailments that affect our daily lives.

Like other types of radiation, EMF radiation has both beneficial and potentially harmful characteristics. We all know ionizing radiation can cause bodily harm, but it is also used in specific targeted treatments of disease, such as cancer via radiation therapy.

PEMF therapy offers similarly desirable effects by using pulses of energy to treat the body. And since PEMF devices are non-ionizing radiation, the potential for cellular and DNA damage is not comparable.

Pain relief is one of the primary benefits doctors have discovered through 60 years of clinical use. Targeted treatments with PEMF therapy are used to successfully treat back pain, and pain from arthritis. PEMF also helps detoxification within the body.

Osteopenia, or lack of bone density, is another targeted PEMF treatment technique that has been used by doctors. The increase in bone density associated with PEMF therapy can increase quality of life and prevent fractures that are common with seasoned adults.

EMF Device Reviews

With all the EMF devices and related equipment on the market today, we want to help you wort through it all by showing you what we like the most. As you might have imagined, there is a good lot of misinformation and inadequate devices that should be avoided. But you might be surprised that EMF devices are found in a wide variety of applications.

We want to save you the headache and expense of investing in sub-optimal purchases that will end in disappointment. You should notice that our top choices aren’t all the big ticket items either. There are plenty of EMF devices out there that provide excellent value while also offering reasonable pricing.

EMF Definition

Electromagnetic waves are generated by electrically charged particles undergoing acceleration. For example, high voltage electricity passing through a wire will generate a significant electromagnetic field, as well as it’s associated waves. Because EMF waves carry energy and momentum, these waves can interact with other charged particles and exert force on surrounding matter.

EMF’s are grouped into two categories associated with their frequencies. Non-Ionizing radiation is characterized by fairly low levels of energy and is generally thought of as harmless to humans, though some studies have shown links between EMF field strength and certain types of cancers. Ionizing radiation is characterized by high amounts of energy, and accordingly can exert high amounts of force on matter. Ionizing radiation has long been known to have damaging effects on DNA and have cancer-causing effects in humans.

EMF Shielding

The effects of EMF’s have long been studied by science, and when needed, techniques to limit these fields are well established. Three well-known methods have been established to keep EMF waves in check.

  • Time – The amount of time you spend in any EMF field will be proportional to the amount of energy you are exposed to.
  • Distance – EMF’s behave much like light. As distance from the light source increases, the beam of light will diverge and become weaker and weaker. EMF physics would refer to this as the inverse square law: The intensity of the beam is inversely proportional to the square of the distance. This means if you double your distance from the source, your exposure to the beam reduces by 1/4th of what is was previously.
  • Shielding – Materials that filter or absorb EMF’s are readily available for those who desire to reduce their exposure to EMF pollution. Traditionally, lead shielding has been utilized for it’s radiation-absorbing properties. Today’s low-energy EMF pollution does not require that level of defense.

Here is a good overview on EMF Physics: